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This Is How a Bad Web Design Looks Like – 2

Clear from the title, we are here to tell you something important about bad web designs. If you want to endorse your online business with the help of a cool and user-friendly web design in Singapore, you should read “This Is How A Bad Web Design Looks Like – 1” as well. 
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The highlights of the first part of the article are – 
1. bad text
2. bad navigation
3. bad backgrounds
Now, let’s cut to the chase and cover following points:   
Bad Links
There are links on every website. All these links should be easy to read and follow. Here is how bad links look like:
links are broken
links are dead
links and text have the same color
undescriptive links
the contrast of link text is low 
First of all, the user should be able to see the link. The link text should give a clear idea of the page.
Bad Images
Images help in increasing traffic to a website and also in conversion when used correctly. However, an incorrectly used image can cause a large number of problems. Here is how a bad image in web design looks like:
large images take too much time to load 
images do not fit in user’s screen
no alt tags
large thumbnail images 
Using optimized images not only helps in improving the speed of a website but also in improving website traffic.
Useless Junk and Clutter 
There are some websites having a lot of clutter and junk content. Here is how a web design with junk and clutter looks like:
excessive adverts 
page view counters 
awards mentioned on all web pages
a sidebar with too many links
annoying things that flash and blink  
videos and audios starting automatically
When you hire a web designer for web design in Singapore, make sure that the designer does not add too many things on one web page. There should not be anything that distracts a user from the actual content of the web page.      
Bad Overall Design 
There are some web design features that annoy visitors. When a visitor is annoyed, you will lose a potential customer. Here is how a bad overall design looks like:
website not working or working improperly on some browsers 
the website is not responsive 
side scrolling
excessive use of frames
There is a huge number of users using their mobiles and tablets for accessing the internet. So, the website should be responsive.
Keep one thing in mind when looking for a web designer for web design in Singapore, the design of your website should not be a bad one. 

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